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You May Never Have to Clean Your Gutters Again

You May Never Have to Clean Your Gutters Again

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Gutter cleaning: it’s one of the most unpleasant chores of being a homeowner. If you have old gutters, you probably have to get up there at least twice a year to remove sticks, leaves, and other debris so it doesn’t build up and cause potential damage to your house. Not only is cleaning the gutters unpleasant, it can also be dangerous, especially in wet climates. Thousands of accidents and even fatalities happen every year when people fall off ladders. But there is a solution! If you want to never clean a gutter again, Master Shield of Seattle has these suggestions.

Customize Your Existing Gutters

You may not even need to buy new gutters. Depending on the situation, modifications to existing gutters can have excellent results. Products offered by companies like Master Shield can be mounted over old gutters, using existing supports and the built-in flashing to protect the roof, which is especially valuable if your roof lacks a drip edge (as many do). Make sure you ask an installer if this is an option before you pay for new gutters that you may not need.

Install a System with the Newest Technology and a Guarantee

If you can’t modify your old gutters, then look for a system that is covered and filtered to let in water but keep out debris. You’ll want a seamless system because seams can leak, rust, and collect debris. You will also want to look for a system with the latest technology such as the ability to self-clean.

Finally, make sure the product comes with a guarantee. Many manufacturers promise you’ll never have to clean another gutter, but unless the gutters come with the right guarantee, this is not a given. Master Shield of Seattle can help you find the best product and ensure that you’ll never have to clean a gutter again.