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Why Every Home Needs Effective Gutter Guards

Why Every Home Needs Effective Gutter Guards

Leafless gutter example

The gutter guard industry is extremely competitive with a tremendous number of products on the market in nearly every configuration and style. However, most experts agree that the all-metal, micro mesh products are the best leafless gutters available today.

Stainless steel, micro mesh gutter guards allow rain water to flow through yet are easily able to keep out shingle granules, pine needles, leaves and other kinds of debris. Micro mesh gutter guards can also handle the biggest downpours but without overflowing. Gutter guards with micro mesh interconnecting panels also keep layers from separating. Otherwise, if allowed to get disconnected, wreckage can get into the gutter below, which can cause water to flow forward at the edge of the filter and off of the guard.

In fact, micro mesh gutter guards reduce the quantity of water that flows over the filter, thereby creating underflow to assist in cleaning the filter. Otherwise, misdirected rain that is caused by full and leaking gutters can damage a home in a short period of time. Rainwater can also cause toxic mold and mildew, along with possible long-term structural damage due to rotting and water damage.

Overall, the higher quality gutter guards are able to block big pieces of debris like sticks, bird nests and leaves while protecting the concrete, brick and other materials around a home. Leafless gutters also provide maximum protection from grass, breeding insects, mosquitoes and weeds. Not to mention, they decrease the number of times that homeowners need to either hire a specialist or have to climb up there themselves to handle the messy job. Whoever does it, though, gutter guards help to prevent accidents.

When it comes to leafless gutters, like all quality products, it is always worth investing a little extra if need be. For more information on leafless gutters, take a look online for a company in your area.