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Use a Gutter Guard for Easy Leafless Gutters

Use a Gutter Guard for Easy Leafless Gutters

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It’s a chore that nobody likes. Dragging out your ladder and spending hours up near the eaves pulling rotting leaves from your gutters doesn’t make for a pleasant afternoon. But it’s an important job. If your gutters are allowed to clog, water will not drain away from your house properly, which can result in rot and damage to your siding, window trim, foundation, and fascia board. Such damage is unsightly, expensive, and creates environments where mold, mildew, and insects can flourish. The good news is that gutter cleaning is not your only option when it comes to preventing these problems. Hassle-free leafless gutters can be achieved with products you can install on your home.

Gutter guards are installed over the gutter to keep debris from gathering inside while still allowing water to flow. They can reduce and even eliminate the amount of time you spend maintaining your gutters. In order to choose the right style for your needs, make sure to consider what kind of debris your gutter guard will be exposed to. For truly leafless gutters, you’ll need to make sure your system can handle smaller debris, such as pine needles and flower buds. If the holes in your guard are too big, these kinds of plant droppings will slip through and accumulate in your gutter.

You should also consider the angle your guard forms with the slope of your roof. If it sits flat over the gutter, it creates a shelf upon which debris can accumulate. This results in a mat of rotting leaves, which looks unpleasant and clogs up your system, and which will need to be removed by you! A sloped gutter guard eliminates this problem, as debris slides right off.

Don’t resign yourself to constant cleaning. With clever solutions like this, leafless gutters can keep your house protected from water damage with even less time spent on maintenance.