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Three Ways a Filter Can Prevent Damage to Your Home

Three Ways a Filter Can Prevent Damage to Your Home

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Everybody knows that clogged gutters are bad, but you may not know exactly how the can harm your home and cause damage. There are a number of ways, in fact, and reasons why it’s important to invest in the upkeep of your gutters. Consider these three ways a leaffilter in Seattle can keep your gutters clean and prevent a number of problems. It’s better to invest in preventive care than clean up the damage after it has already been done.

Prevent Damage to Landscape

Leaves and debris accumulate in gutters and prevent rainwater from flowing freely. When this happens, it typically spills past gutters and can flood the landscaping surrounding your home. If you have trees or flowerbeds, this can be particularly problematic. The water can seep into your soil and kill growth in extreme cases. A gutter guard, however, can prevent this by keeping leaves out of your gutters.

Protect Wood From Water Damage

The wood in your home is particularly vulnerable to the damage that is caused by water accumulation. The fascia boards that surround your gutters can rot and deteriorate if gutters are clogged and overflowing. Replacing this wood can be costly, so the best investment is one that will prevent gutters from becoming clogged. A leaffilter in Seattle is up to the job.

Prevent Water From Pooling and Damaging Foundation

Few problems are as serious and expensive as a damaged foundation. The rest of your home literally rests on the foundation, so it’s essential that it be in sound condition. This can be compromised, however, if overflow from gutters seeps into the foundation and pools there. The water’s expansion and contraction will eventually cause cracks and damage. In some cases, this may even result in a collapse. Investing in a leaffilter in Seattle can protect against such a problem by keeping water from pooling around your home.