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Three Things to Consider When House Hunting in Seattle, WA

Three Things to Consider When House Hunting in Seattle, WA

Clogged gutters

Seattle is a wonderful city to live and work in. Many families move because of jobs and stay to raise families. It is a city full of lovely neighborhoods with many different homes to choose from. Everyone can find his or her own dream house. Before buying, however, you might want to know some common issues to look for in Seattle homes.

First thing is water damage. The city not only has an average of about 40 inches of precipitation each year, but it also is surrounded by water on both sides. There is no getting around moisture. If you are looking for a home to buy, make sure to check for mold and mildew. Homes with gutter solutions in Seattle are an added bonus.

Another thing to put on your checklist while you are house hunting is foundation. This applies to any city, but Seattle may have more problems than others. This comes back to water. A wet ground can cause the foundation to settle and important structural elements of a home to shift and crack. Not to mention the many hills in the city. You should make sure to find a home with a solid foundation that will last your lifetime. Installing gutter solutions in Seattle could help protect foundations.

The last major thing to look into while shopping around is location. Of course it all depends on your personal taste. Do you want a quiet neighborhood or something close to shops and activities? Seattle is growing quickly, and many quiet neighborhoods are quickly becoming more bustling areas of commerce and business. Before you give your down payment, it might be a good idea to research the surrounding neighborhoods to get a grasp on the future of yours.

Seattle is a great place to live, but it is a good idea to keep these unique problems in mind when you are looking for a house to buy. Some could have easy solutions, like installing gutter solutions in Seattle, but others could be dealbreakers. Avoid buyer’s remorse!