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The Secret to Truly Leafless Gutters

The Secret to Truly Leafless Gutters

Leafless gutter

Leaves stuck in gutters turn into a slimy mess, and can cause your roof to rot when they remain in contact with shingles. Many different products are available to help curb the number of leaves entering roof gutters, but most of them require constant cleaning and cannot keep up with heavy rains. Most filters clog and filter-free types allow debris to blow in. The good news is that there is a true solution: MasterShield, a product that ensures leafless gutters. MasterShield technology relies on three things: filtering, solid construction and proper installation.

The MasterShield filter is so fine that not even sand or roof shingle grit can penetrate it. Leaves and pine needles stay out, and it doesn’t clog. Other products simply shield most of the gutter, leaving a gap for water to flow through. However, Mastershield’sunique filtering system covers the entire gutter, keeping debris out even in high winds and heavy downpours.

The MasterShield filter is constructed of corrosion-resistant surgical stainless steel. It resists denting and is self-cleaning. Another secret to truly leafless gutters is the pitch. Instead of sticking straight off the edge of your roof, collecting leaves as they fall, MasterShield is angled down just like the roof, shedding debris instead of collecting it.

Proper installation is very important in order to achieve the best results with no damage to your existing roof. This includes the very important step of installing drip-edge flashing to help waterproof the roof. When professionally installed by an authorized dealer, MasterShield is guaranteed for life. The guarantee is: a lifetime of use with no clogging, no filter plugging from moss growth and no water damage to your home resulting from plugging.

Leafless gutters really do exist. Their cutting edge technology consists of very fine, very durable rust-free filters, their shedding angle that mimics the roof’s pitch and their inner workings which keep water flowing through the filters.