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The Dangers Posed by Your Downspouts

The Dangers Posed by Your Downspouts

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For houses taller than a single story with an upper and lower roof, downspouts that are not properly extended with tie-ins can present you with quite a bit of trouble. Now, you may be wondering how the very pipe that supposed to keep water off your roof can end up damaging it. Well, here’s how:

1. Water running down through an un-extended downspout from the upper portion of your roof simply sprays out across the lower roof, causing the grit layer on your shingles to erode away.

2. With no shingle grit on top to protect it, the underlying asphalt layer of your shingles is exposed to the sun.

3. If you’ve seen the effect that sun has on asphalt, you know what happens next. The asphalt begins to crack over time, causing the shingles to fail and leaving your roof deck unprotected.

Fortunately, simply tying in downspout pipes into lower pipes can keep driving excess water off of the roof and into the drainage systems blow. This keeps your shingles dry and intact and ready to withstand all the elements have to throw at them.

The many peaks and angles of your home’s roof are what helps gives it character. Yet for some, that can come at a great home improvement cost. However, it doesn’t have to; understanding the layout of your roof and extending your downspouts with tie-ins can help the entire gutter system serve its purpose of preventing water accumulation and absorption. The net result is seeing the service of your roof extended and enjoying added comfort for years to come. See how Leafless Gutters from Leafless in Seattle can help you now. Call us at 1-844-834-5382 to schedule an appointment today.