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Replacing your Roof with MasterShield

Replacing your Roof with MasterShield

Replacing your Roof with MasterShield

Replacing a roof is a very disruptive project to your home. Any gutter or gutter guard on your home should typically be unaffected by a competent and careful roofing crew. If you are replacing your roof we are here to help! We can assist you with the roof replacement itself or we can help to guide your roofer of choice to ensure minimal risk to your gutter guards and gutters. Every home is different so here are some guidelines that apply most of the time:

Does the MasterShield need to be removed in order to not void its warranty?

  • No, MasterShield isn’t fastened to the roof and a competent roofer can work around it.
    • Unless changing roof types (i.e. changing from wood shake to asphalt composition, or Tile to metal, etc)
  • If they’re not comfortable working around the system, they (or we) can uninstall it and then we can reinstall it.

Even if the gutter guards are removed and placed in a careful pile on the ground they are perfectly reusable. MasterShield is a lifetime product and need not be damaged in this process. There is no scenario where installation of MasterShield causes a conflict or problem with a roof’s warranty.

Some considerations for the new roof:

Asphalt composition shingles

  • The shingle overhang specified by all the manufacturers is approx 3/4″
  • Sometimes a roofer will exacerbate this to 2-3 inches unless reminded of this. This will bury the gutter guard under the shingle and is not helpful!
  • There should be a starter course, eave flashing and the necessary underlayments installed as normal. Nothing needs to be added or omitted due to the presence of the gutter guard
  • In short, the roof should always be installed according the the manufacturer’s specifications.

Metal Roof

  • Metal roofing is typically finished with a hemmed edge/hooked eave.
  • In these situations MasterShield needs to be modified with a sheet metal brake. No one else is qualified to perform this work so you’ll want to have us do that after the roof is done.
  • If the roof is done with a raw edge MasterShield can slip under it, but this is not the preferred method of installing a metal roof as it has no wind rating, and leaves gaps for bugs to infiltrate your roof.

Wood Shake & Tile Installation or replacement

  • Reach out to us for specific guidance, there are more variables
  • Often these applications are adding plywood sheathing or specific fascia which will change the roof height