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Do you offer only the MasterShield gutter system?

Here at Leafless in Seattle we offer numerous options for your gutter protection needs. MasterShield is, of course, the best product on the market, however, there are less expensive options. When one of our expert gutter technicians come to give you a free estimate, they can go over all options available to you.

Do you use subcontractors for installation?

Here at Leafless in Seattle our installation teams are valued, long-term, dedicated employees. They are highly skilled and meticulous craftsmen that have been mastering their craft for over 10 years.

Does Leafless in Seattle offer copper gutters and copper MasterShield? And do I have to install both or can I do just one of them?

As a matter of fact we do offer continuous copper gutters and copper MasterShield!  Each can be installed individually as well.  Here are just a few reasons you should consider adding a little copper to your life:

Make a bold and eye catching choice when installing your new gutter and MasterShield...go for copper!!! These pictures show the elegance and distinction copper gutters add to a home.  There are countless advantages to using copper, here are just a few:

  • copper is thicker than most any other material used in gutter production and resists corrosion (copper patina is a protective barrier that helps prevent rust or corrosion from the repeated exposure to harsh elements.)
  • copper gutters can last 60-100 YEARS if maintained properly
  • nearly 40% of all copper used in the gutters is recycled, making copper an earth friendly option.
  • You will be keeping the landfill free of old gutters and helping to reduce your footprint.
  • copper gutters make an instant upgrade to your homes exterior, think of it as a new piece of jewelry
  • offers the option of bright shiny reddish bronze color unique to copper with a yearly copper polish or if left alone will naturally oxidize creating the grey/green patina that copper is known for.
  • ideal for historical homes

If you are ready to upgrade the look and function of your home, give us a call!

Does your solution work with ____?

The MasterShield will work with just about everything nature can throw at it, as long as it's properly installed.

Check here for a more detailed answer.

How do you compare against your competitors?

We stack up extraordinarily well against our "competitors" in the field

  • Similar in price
  • We shed debris, we don't pile it on top
  • All metal construction, no glue or plastic to break down in a few years of sun
  • A filtration system engineered to take as much water as your gutter can handle, but still keep out the clogging agents

For a more detailed and specific comparison of our 2 biggest competitors, see the LeafGuard  and LeafFilter  pages.

There are some other small time folks that offer a service that claims to be in our league, if you find one that looks interesting please feel free to ask our representative when we come out to give you your free consultation.

How many colors does MasterShield come in?

MasterShield comes in a variety of modern colors. Here  is an approximation as colors vary from monitor to monitor. which is why we bring real samples with us when we come visit you.

I see that you have been voted 'Best Gutter Guard of 2017." Who voted you that? And where can I find the review?

MasterShield was voted 'Best Gutter Guard of 2017' by an independent website. It can be found at www.gutterprotectionreview.org

Is Leafless in Seattle a member of the Better Business Bureau?

In fact Leafless in Seattle is an ACCREDITED member of the Washington State Better Business Bureau! We have an A+ rating!! You can find our rating here

What about ice & icicles?

A full answer is available here: at this page

Open gutters also hold ice and icicles at the eave but the ice first fills the gutter before coming over in icicles so it may take longer to show. MasterShield just keeps the ice in line with the roof and allows only liquid water to enter the system, provided there isn't ice blocking it for a short time.

One of the special things about MasterShield is that we have the capability of installing de-icing or heat cables in your Gutter System. This is an optional accessory and is rarely chosen due to the low prevalence of snow and ice in our area.

What gauge is the aluminum used for the gutters offered by Leafless in Seattle?

Here at Leafless in Seattle, we strive to offer the best possible products on the market.  Our seamless, one piece gutters are made from .027-.032 gauge aluminum depending on the project.  Aluminum is not the only material we offer for gutters, we also offer 26 or 24ga steel and  16oz or 24oz copper gutter for those that desire a specific look or characteristic. 

What is the minimum/maximum roof pitch allowed with MasterShield?

The minimum pitch that allows MasterShield to work optimally is 4/12, and the maximum is 12/12.  There are a few exceptions and we can configure MasterShield outside these ideal ranges.

Why do this? Why not just clean my gutters more?

Some things to consider:

  • Your gutter is essentially a bath tub with a drain. UNTIL the downspout plugs, what happens to all the leaves and needles?
  • When you get enough of that undergound, what's likely to happen?
  • Is it easy to unclog an underground drain?
  • Next part: after the drain plugs, the gutter fills up with water and overflows. Is the gutter only going to overflow the front, or will it also backflow? Is it close to the roof edge and the wood of your roof?
  • Will the gutter that's easiest to notice be the one that plugs? Will you notice right away? How long will it backflow/overflow before you notice?
  • How long before you act on it, given that you likely will want to put it off since you'll notice in the rain?

Simply put, the more you keep your unguarded gutters clean the more likely you'll get a plug downstream, and the more often they actually plug, the more likely you are to get wood rot, landscape erosion, and water damage. MasterShield works to prevent all of this!