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Protect Your Home and Your Life

Protect Your Home and Your Life

Leafless gutters

Towering trees and colorful foliage make for a gorgeous view around your home, until the leaves begin to fall. Those leaves fill your gutters, blocking water flow and clogging downspouts causing you to risk life and limb several times a year to clean them. Installing a truly effective leaf guard in Vancouver, WA can protect you and your home from serious injury and damage.

How can a Leaf Guard Protect Your Home?

Most people understand that gutters are designed to protect homes from water damage, but clogged gutters are unable to do this effectively. One of the biggest problems presented by blocked gutters is standing water and overflow. When water fills the gutters, moisture causes eaves and the shingles at the roofline to rot and decay over time. Water that flows over the edges of your gutters pours onto the ground around your foundation and can cause serious structural problems. Installing a MasterShield leaf guard in Vancouver, WA will also protect your home from insects, mold and mildew. The key is to keep water flowing through the gutters and out the downspouts, and a quality gutter guard will do just that.

How can a Leaf Guard Protect Your Life?

One of the most dangerous home maintenance chores is gutter cleaning. The more often your gutters need cleaning, the higher your risk of injury or even death. According to the CDC, one in five falls results in a head injury or broken bones. Climbing unsteady ladders and walking or crawling on slanted roofs increase the potential for loss of balance which could lead to a devastating accident. Installing a leaf guard reduces the amount of time needed to clean gutters, and installing a self-cleaning MasterShield leaf guard eliminates the need altogether.

Forested environments and nearly 50 inches of precipitation annually demand the installation of a quality leaf guard in Vancouver, WA.