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Pros of Getting Gutter Guards

Pros of Getting Gutter Guards

Leafless gutter

There is some debate in the home improvement world on whether or not getting gutter guards are necessary or even all that helpful. While some people argue that the cost of installation and maintenance isn’t worth the convenience of reducing labor cleaning your gutters, they may not be aware of some of the other benefits of getting guards. Whether the worst or the best gutter guard, each one has its advantages.

The first advantage to getting a gutter guard is that they can be added to gutters that you already have. Instead of having to completely replace the gutter system, you just have to buy one piece, which can sometimes be relatively cheap depending on what kind you buy.

The most well-known benefit of a gutter guard is that they prevent debris from getting into your gutters, reducing the need to clean them as often. This is great if you just don’t have the time or the means to spend the entire fall and winter getting up on the ladder to clean your gutters. This makes it essential to get a leaf filter in Seattle simply because, with all of the rain, it’s key to make sure your gutters are not clogged.

Seattle gutters see a lot of rain going through them, which makes the next benefit of a gutter guard so important. They prevent the build-up of stagnant water in the gutters. This is important because clogged gutters could lead to water getting backed up into your home and causing a flood. It can also breed certain bugs like mosquitos.

The best gutter guard will also prevent rust and rot since there won’t be a bunch of moisture trapped in the gutter. This will lead to less required maintenance. The answer should be clear; if you want to spend less time cleaning your gutters and less money replacing them, a gutter guard is the way to go.