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Problems Only Seattleites Will Understand (and How to Fix Them)

Problems Only Seattleites Will Understand (and How to Fix Them)

Leafless gutter

The Northwest is clearly best; just ask anyone who lives there! It is filled with quiet forests, tremendous mountains, craft beer, local wine, great food, the list does not end. However, no place is perfect. North westerners have their share of problems that people who live elsewhere wouldn’t understand.

One major problem on the minds of many Seattleites is the gutter. Homeowners in other parts of the country are probably thinking, “hey, I have to clean my gutters too!” Not like you do in Seattle. Months of rain combined with tall trees lead to some seriously mucked up roofs. Luckily, a fir needle guard on Seattle homes makes life so much easier. They keep the leaves, branches, and even small pine needles from ever going into your gutter in the first place.

Seattleites also have to deal with gloomy weather. Although most natives will say the rain does not bother them or even that it is their favorite weather, all those long dark months can really mess with your psyche. The sun is a natural mood booster, and people who are lacking in that department can become depressed. The way to battle this is to invest in a lamp that mimics the light of the sun. It can help with mood as well as sleep patterns.

Sun lamps and a fir needle guard in Seattle are just two ways to survive up in the top left corner of the country. Another problem citizens have learned to battle is loosing their sunglasses. The sun shows its face so little, that most sunglasses get thrown in a drawer and forgotten about. Luckily, drug stores sell them for pretty cheap, so Seattle citizens just replace them each summer.

Seattle is a beautiful place to live, even though it has some quirks. Luckily, inventions have been created to battle each issue. If you arm yourself with a sun lamp and a fir needle guard in Seattle, you should be able to survive whatever the city throws at you.