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MasterShield Gutter System in Kent, WA

Photo Album: MasterShield Gutter System Installed in Kent, WA

  • Gutter guard installation in Kent
    Rotting Cedar Wood Shake Roof in Kent, WA — The roof of this home was completely rotted, caused byclogged and backflowing gutters. This is what the roof looked like before our team replaced it with a new architectural asphalt composition shingle roof.

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This home’s cedar wood shake roof was completely worn out when its owner contacted us. The roof had been rotting for years because of the gutters, which were constantly clogging with pine needles. When gutters become clogged, more often than not, the backflowing water goes directly into the house and causes hidden water damage. This homeowner figured it was the perfect time to upgrade the whole system.

Our crew replaced his rotten roof with a much sturdier architectural asphalt composition shingle roof, and to prevent further water damage, we installed our MasterShield gutter protection system in musket brown. The gutters and downspouts were also replaced with our product in almond. The “After Photo” pictured in this post was actually taken 3 years after the original installation, and the homeowner claimed that he hasn’t had to do anything to maintain the system. The pine needles—that were such a problem before—simply slide right off the MasterShield covers onto the ground, where they can be easily collected. The neighbors were so impressed that they also want to install MasterShield on their home.