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The Best Gutter Protection Added to a Flat Roof in Mukilteo

Photo Album: Gutter Protection Added to a Flat Roof in Mukilteo

  • Two gutter systems
    Gutter System Install in Mukilteo, Washington — here you see the two different systems in the process of being installed

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The MasterShield gutter system cannot be installed on a flat roof because it needs to be placed at the same pitch as your roof for the system to work properly. The minimum pitch is 4/12. When Joey arrived at this customers home he took note of the small area of the home that had a flat roof.

It was small, but he wanted to make sure that all the gutters were protected, he suggested Leaf Relief, another system offered by Leafless in Seattle. Although MasterShield is Leafless in Seattle’s premier gutter protection system, we do offer other systems. This customer was elated that we could cover a majority of his gutters in MasterShield and still offer some kind of protection for the area that was flat.