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DIY gutter guard created more problems at this Graham, WA home

Photo Album: DIY gutter guard created more problems than it fixes at this Graham, WA home

  • moss growing in gutter caused by DIY
    Moss growing on a sub-par gutter — system in Graham It's clear that this DIY gutter cover wasn't keeping out the debris...

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When a DIY gutter guard from a local Big Box Store is installed on a home in the Graham area, the homeowner quickly finds out that, not only are they not working, but they are also damaging the siding on his home! There is moss and debris on top of the guards and growing out of the gutters. The situation needed to be remedied quickly to avoid any more damage to his home and shop. All the gutters, DIY gutter guard, rotted fascia, and debris were removed from the house and shop. New gutters, fascia, and MasterShield were installed and the homeowner is now happy and stress-free when it comes to his gutters!