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Master Gutter Maintenance With MasterShield

Master Gutter Maintenance With MasterShield

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What is the best way to keep your gutters clean? What happens when you aren’t able to manage a ladder or lack the ability to crouch and crawl across a steep roof? How do you keep your gutters clean and avoid damage to your home and yourself? With self-cleaning MasterShield Gutters in Portland, OR, of course!

What a Self-Cleaning Gutter Isn’t

Many folks think that any product that guards existing gutters keeps them clean. Do-it-yourself PVC and metal screen gutter covers are supposed to keep debris out of the gutters, and gutters with no debris don’t need cleaning, right? Wrong. With flat screens, leaves, fir and pine needles, twigs, and other detritus tend to pile up on top of the guards and as it decomposes, it seeps into the gutters and downspouts causing blockages and clogs. Systems designed to channel water into your gutters over curved lips are better, but they can’t filter out everything. For instance, things like wet leaves and needles will conform to the shape of the lip and follow the water right into the gutter trough. These are not truly self-cleaning gutter systems

What a Self-Cleaning Gutter is

MasterShield is a truly, self-cleaning gutter system because of several unique design features. First, it incorporates tangential flow cross filtration, which means the controlled water flow acts to clean the filter rather than clog it as with other products. Second, your MasterShield gutter matches your roof slant which, unlike flat guards, allows water and debris to flow off the roof instead of catching on the eaves and causing rot and decay. Finally, the stainless steel micromesh gutter filter with raised steps ensures that debris is washed to the ground, while hydrovortex technology forces the water into the gutters.

Unlike other gutter guard products, MasterShield Gutters in Portland, OR, guarantees to refund your full cost if your gutter clogs.