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Make a bold choice and add continuous copper gutters with copper MasterShield

Make a bold choice and add continuous copper gutters with copper MasterShield

Making an investment in your home is a smart, but unfortunately, most often, boring endeavor. You sink money into your home to make it more energy efficient, replace the carpets because the pets and kids have destroyed them, a new washer and dryer because of the aforementioned suspects…but when was the last time you invested in your home and, not only did it look amazing, but it also solved a huge problem? Installing continuous copper gutters with copper MasterShield will not only make your home look elegant and distinguished, it will also ensure that you will never need to climb up on a ladder to clean your gutters again!

While copper is more expensive than traditional aluminum, there are quite a few pros to making the investment. Let’s talk curb appeal and resale value for a moment, the pictures here show you just how beautiful copper gutters are when installed on a home. In the beginning you have bright and shiny gutters, much like new jewelry for your home…over time the gorgeous patina copper is known for appears. This is where you have options, if you would prefer to keep them shiny copper colored, just apply a copper polish applied yearly. If you find you like the grey/green tones that happens over time with copper, then just leave them be and let the oxidization happen naturally.

As for resale value, copper gutters make a bold statement, they are eye catching and differentiate your home from the rest on the market. Are you worried about your ecological footprint? Copper gutters are environmentally friendly, they can last between 60-100 years with proper upkeep because they resist corrosion. That means that instead of old gutters ending up in the landfill, they remain on your home for decades, and almost 40% of the copper used to make the gutters is recycled. There are no other gutters on the market with better longevity.

Are you ready to make a unique, eye catching statement? If so, give us a call and inquire about replacing your ordinary gutters with continuous copper gutter and copper MasterShield!