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Look for Gutter Guard Quality

Look for Gutter Guard Quality

Leafless gutter example

Not all gutter guards are created equal. There are many brands of gutter guards that are made cheaply of low quality metals. When you buy a gutter guard in Seattle, make sure you look for quality, high functioning design, and proper installation.

When guards are cheaply made with different types of metal that are not compatible, the metal actually can actually corrode and fuse together. After a short life, your guard is not doing the job it should be and water is overflowing out of your gutters.

A gutter guard in Seattle shouldbe at the same angle pitch as your roof to ensure that leaves, pods, dirt and oils fall off of your roof, while the water falls into your gutter. Make sure that the guard filter is a self-cleaning one. Self-cleaning means that the filter has been engineered to continuously accept water into the gutter while debris that could cake up in the filter is sloughed off through its cross flow design.The filter on top of the gutter guard should be designed to literally siphon water into the gutter.

A proper gutter guard installation is one where your individual home is taken into account. Not a one size fits all prospect, a custom installation will enable the guard to attain optimal performance. Gutter guards can be installed on existing gutters, the gutter supports, or the fascia of your home.

Avoiding water damage in your home is worth the investment in a gutter guard. When water is allowed to overflow out of the gutters and continuously land near your home, settling of the foundation may occur. This will result in problems with cracking walkways and foundation, making some areas of your home uneven and costing thousands of dollars in repairs. Make sure you go with a gutter guard company that stands behind their product and service. Look for a lifetime guarantee for your gutter guard in Seattle.