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Laugh at the Rain in Seattle

Laugh at the Rain in Seattle

Leafless gutter

If you’ve lived in Seattle for very long, you know that it rains here. Deluges aren’t the norm, but nagging incessant drizzle is. Seattle also has a lot of trees, both deciduous and evergreen, which tend to shed leaves and needles when the rain comes down. If you’ve ever had to clean your gutters, you know how much debris can accumulate in them. Wouldn’t it be great to have gutters that never needed to be cleaned? Leafguard in Seattle offers a product that keeps all debris, even little bits of asphalt roofing material, out of your gutters while catching and channeling water safely away from your home. Consider these reasons to invest in leafless gutters.

1. Water Causes Damage

Water is a powerful force of nature. It can carve huge canyons, erode giant mountains and it can damage your home. Water can:

  • Cause rot in your fascia and rafters
  • Cause settling and cracks in your foundation
  • Flood your basement

By installing leafless gutters, water will never be backed up behind a clog and it won’t have a chance to harm your house.

2. Cleaning Gutters is a Dangerous Chore

Accidents can happen even when you’re being careful. Falling from a ladder or off the roof while removing leaves and debris from your gutters can cause a serious injury. This chore can be eliminated forever by installing Leafguard in Seattle .

3. Gorgeous Gutters Add Value

You’ve probably noticed that most gutters aren’t very good-looking. Why stick with something ugly when you can have sleek, gorgeous gutters? By putting form and function together, Leafguard in Seattle adds value to your home.

Leafless gutters are the clear choice for Seattle residents who want to laugh at the rain. No matter the season, keeping your house free from damage, avoiding unwanted chores and adding value to your home is always a good idea. Leafguard in Seattle is the solution to your gutter problems.