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Gutter Installation Photo Album: Home on Lummi Bay in Bellingham, WA has breath taking views of the sound, the Evergreens, and clogged gutters!

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This home on Lummi Bay in Bellingham, WA has the best of both worlds, views of the water and the woodlands surrounding it! The only problem is the big, beautiful Evergreens surrounding the home create a huge mess in the gutters. Needles, 'pods', and debris from the trees fill the gutters and cause damage to the fascia behind the gutters.  Instead of the rainwater being drawn into the gutters, it is being forced over the top and back of the gutters because they are so heavily clogged, there is nowhere else for the water to go, ultimately this will cause the fascia board to rot and the landscape below the gutters to be ruined. Leafless in Seattle/MasterShield had the solutions needed for these homeowners.  The old gutters and downspouts were removed and replaced, the rotten fascia was also removed and replaced where needed and MasterShield was installed.  Our skilled installation team was able to install this large job in two days...they not only gave the homeowners peace of mind, they also increased the value of their home, all in just two days! Imagine never having to get up a ladder to clean your gutters again, it's almost as beautiful as the views surrounding this home! 

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