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Gutter Guards Photo Album: A perfect shelf created by Leaf Solutions for needles and debris to sit on an block the gutters in Kenmore area home!

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This home in the Kenmore area is a previous Leaf Solutions gutter system client. She thought she had installed a top of the line gutter system that would keep leaves, needles, and debris out of her did what it promised, however in the process of keeping out leaves and debris, it created a shelf (due to being installed at a 90* angle) that all the leaves and needles happily sat on causing not even water from entering the gutters.  The home owner could not figure out why the water was coming over the sides of the gutters.  Once she had her gutters inspected she realized that it was because of the gutter guard that the water was cascading over the sides of the gutters.  The home owner did some research and found us, Leafless in Seattle/MasterShield that installs the gutter system at the same pitch as your roof to eliminate the shelf created with other gutter systems like Leaf Solutions. The home owner is now happy with her working MasterShield system.   

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