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Gutter Guards Case Studies: Complete failure of Leaf Filter on a Mount Vernon, WA roof

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 by Angie Andersen


This homeowner had Leaf Filter installed on her home for a few years, she began to notice that the water coming off her roof wasn't going into the gutters, but was cascading over the top of the gutters.  She knew that the expensive gutter guard she had purchased years before was failing.  They were covered in needles, debris, and algae thanks in part to the shelf that was created when the shields were installed at a 90* angle! She called Leafless in Seattle/MasterShield and hasn't had a problem since!


Leafless in Seattle/MasterShield was able to install new gutters, areas of rotten fascia, and the MasterShield gutter system for our client.  The gutters were dropped 2" in order to accommodate the MasterShield being installed at the same pitch as the roof.  Installing the system at the same pitch as the roof causes the needles, debris, and leaves to fall off the system with rain or wind. 

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