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Gutter Guards Case Studies: Rot and damage caused by bad gutter protection in Lake Stevens!

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 by Angie Andersen


We got a call from new homeowners that were experiencing extensive rot from another gutter protection system that was installed on their home.  They were in desperate need of a gutter evaluation and a free estimate for MasterShield.  Once at the home, our estimator, Jim, could see from just a visual inspection that the fascia had extensive rot and was in desperate need of repair before the rot invaded the rest of the roof.  Fascia rot happens often with the LeafGuard product, it is caused by what is known as backflow.  Backflow occurs when the rain hits the solid 'lid/cap' of the LeafGuard system and instead of flowing into the gutter, it flows behind the system causing rot and damage to the fascia board.  The only way to remedy this is to remove the gutters and replace the rotten fascia board.


Upon arriving at the home the installation crew removed the LeafGuard to reveal much more extensive damage than originally thought.  All the rotten fascia was removed and replaced, new gutters were installed with the MasterShield gutter guard system.  Backflow is not a something that occurs with MasterShield due to the HydroVortex technology that pulls the water into the gutter without allowing leaves, needles, or debris in!  This technology is patent pending and exclusive to the MasterShield gutter protection system.  Now the homeowners have a rot free home with new, clog free gutters!

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