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Get Ready for Spring Rain

Get Ready for Spring Rain

Leafless gutter example

Wishing for a dry spring in Western Washington is like wishing for rain in Death Valley. It could happen, but the odds are not in your favor. The falling leaves in autumn, coupled with the wind, rain and snow of winter may have taken a heavy toll on your gutters. Near the end of winter is a good time to inspect your gutter guard in Vancouver WA and make sure they’re ready to deal with more of the wet stuff.

Check for Damage

From the safety of the ground, look up and check for cracked gutters and loose brackets. Take a look at your downspouts. Are they still securely attached to your gutters and your house? Windstorms have a knack for breaking things, and downspouts are vulnerable to breakage.

Remove Debris

If any branches or large twigs landed on your roof over the winter, hire a professional to go up there and safely remove them. If left alone, debris can get hung up on your gutter guard in Vancouver WA and cause damage. While you’re at it, check around the bottom of your downspouts and clear debris away from them. Soil, beauty bark or gravel may have accumulated around them, which will restrict the flow of water away from your house.

Upgrade to Better Gutters

If you don’t already own the best gutters on the market, consider having them installed before the spring rains begin. It may seem like one gutter is as good as another, but that simply isn’t true. Why not choose a gutter that requires less maintenance and will last for many years of harsh weather?

Nothing beats spring in the Northwest, especially after a long, cold winter. By making sure that your gutter guard in Vancouver WA is ready to deal with a bit more rain, you’ll have one less thing to worry about for the season.