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Fir Needles Causing Gutter Problems? Fir-Get About it!

Fir Needles Causing Gutter Problems? Fir-Get About it!

Leafless gutter

Gutter clogging culprits can vary depending on where you live. In southern areas, pine needles and pine cones are a problem, in the Midwest leaves and seed pods are troublesome and in the Pacific Northwest, Fir trees are a gutter’s nemesis. If fir trees are mobbing your gutters, a fir needle guard in Portland, OR may be just what you need.

Different types of debris behave differently, and fir needles have specific behavior problems of their own. Choosing the best gutter guard will be easier if you’re aware of these special problems presented by fir needles.

• Fir trees shed needles year round, which means that your gutters will need to be cleaned more frequently.

• Dry needles often blanket your roof are pushed by the wind into gutters where they’re left to rot.

• The weight of wet, rotting fir needles in gutters can cause those gutters to pull away from the house, separate at joints and lead to the need for total gutter replacement.

• Wet fir needles stick like glue to whatever surface they are on, including the top of some gutter guards which results in clogged gutters and keeps rain and snow melt from flowing freely to the downspout.

Because fir needles are so small, they can fit into very small openings which is why you need to choose your gutter guard carefully. Cheap plastic domes or flat covers with holes in them may provide some protection from pine cones, acorns and other larger debris, but they are generally useless against fir needles. Instead of settling for a low-quality, do-it-yourself product, you’ll have better luck in the long run with a system designed to protect your roof, siding and foundation from water damage by keeping out all potentially clogging debris. A specially engineered system such as Master Shield is your best bet for a fir needle guard in Portland, OR.