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Do It Yourself or Professional Leaf Guard

Do It Yourself or Professional Leaf Guard

Leafless gutter example

Like many other residents, you may be in need of a leaf guard in Seattle. While you may be tempted to install a system yourself, there are many benefits choosing a professionally installed leaf guard. Here are two do it yourself options that some own homeowners choose, and the reasons why professionally installed leaf guard could provide better protection for your home.

Metal Screens

While a metal screen may seem like a viable leaf filter and gutter protection system, there is one very large flaw with this do-it-yourself choice. Organic debris is very likely to catch along the screen, blocking the flow of water. Trapped along the edge of the roof, this material begins to rot the roof deck as it decomposes, causing damages and unnecessary repairs. Look for a leaf guard in Seattle that is sloped like your roof, allowing debris to blow away instead of accumulate.

Gutter Inserts

Gutter inserts are available at many hardware stores, and are appealing because of their ability to keep larger forms of debris from accumulating in gutters. They do not work well against smaller particulate, and cause a buildup of soot, grit and slime in your gutters. These inserts can be difficult to clean as well; they often dump the sludge you are trying to remove back into your gutter system. These systems also only last for a few short seasons, leading to repeating maintenance costs for homeowners. Instead of choosing a protection system from a shelf in the store, seek out a contractor who is capable of installing a system that will last for many years and that is low maintenance.

Saving money short term on a do-it-yourself gutter guarding system could lead to extra work and long term expenses. A leaf guard in Seattle can be necessary to keep pine needles and other organic debris from damaging your gutter system.