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Comparing Master Shield to Shelf-style Gutter Systems

Comparing Master Shield to Shelf-style Gutter Systems

Leafless gutter example

Rain gutters work by directing water that flows off of a roof to a central point, instead of letting rain create a curtain of water all around a house. This is for convenience as well as soil erosion prevention. Problems arise when leaves and pine needles fall into the gutters, clogging them up and then rotting in place. Several solutions to this leaf problem have been devised, many of them requiring constant cleaning and maintenance. Many systems create some sort of shelf over the gutter to block falling leaves, but MasterShield Gutters in Vancouver WA work differently.

Angle or Pitch

The leaf-blocking shelf systems have very little pitch, meaning that they are relatively flat. This low pitch creates a platform where wet, decaying leaves sit, potentially damaging your roof. MasterShield is pitched similarly to the roof, allowing leaf litter and other debris to be shed instead of collected on top of the gutter and shingles.


Shelf-style gutter covers rely on water’s flowing action to sweep only water into the gutters while debris is supposed to fall off the edge, without the help of a roof-style pitch or any type of filtering system. This works okay in light rains. MasterShieldGutters in Vancouver WA use technology that revolves around the very fine filtering mesh. Its lets nothing but water through the filter and into the mesh. Even fine sand and shingle grit cannot get through the filter. Leaves have no chance of getting into the gutters, even during a heavy downpour.

MasterShield is the best system for keeping debris off your roof and out of your rain gutters, no matter how hard or soft the rain is falling. It even comes with a money-back guarantee, while other popular systems come with a “we will clean out your gutters again” guarantee. MasterShield’s lifetime guarantee is only valid when the system is installed by authorized dealers, so call your local distributor of MasterShield Gutters in Vancouver WA today.