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Clogged Gutters? They Can Damage Your Home More Ways Than You Probably Know

Clogged Gutters? They Can Damage Your Home More Ways Than You Probably Know


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Kent, WA – February 23, 2018


This is an article about the MasterShield gutter system available from Leafless in Portland, or sister company located in Tigard, OR. Mastershield Gutter Guards with Microfilters can prevent problems from ever occurring.

MasterShield Gutter Guards with Microfilters Can Prevent Problems from Ever Occurring

Here in usually soaking-wet western Oregon our homes need all the protection from the elements that they can get. And one of the most important forms of protection begins with the roof and gutters effectively channeling rainwater away from the home and its foundation.

But depending on where you live and the kind of tree canopy found in your neighborhood, your gutters may become clogged—with leaves, pine needles and debris—several times each year. If left unattended, that’s when damage can occur in places most homeowners never thought possible.

Jim Singleterry of Leafless in Portland has more than 13 years of experience with preventing homes from having clogged gutters. Here he explains some of the most common things that can go wrong if your gutters become clogged.

“Rainwater overflowing in either direction can cause major problems,” says Singleterry. “When it overflows in the back it can cause a home’s fascia and roof to become continuously soaked, which can lead to wood rot. It also creates a breeding ground for carpenter ants, termites, and other pests.”

Continuously seeping water behind a home’s siding can also create all sorts of havoc on the inside. It can drip into attic and saturate insulation, and it can drip down into living spaces. It can make its way into the walls, and, when it saturates wallboards and floorboards, can cause mold growth inside the walls.

But if you think excess rainwater overflowing in the front of the gutters is safe, that’s not the case either. “When water cascades to the ground, it can carve trenches into a home’s landscaping,” says Singleterry. “It weakens the soil, and increases the potential for damaging erosion to occur beneath a home’s foundation, and for slippery moss or mold to grow on walkways.” The problem is magnified in areas where freezing temperatures are common, as ice expands and contracts, making once small foundation cracks larger. It can even directly lead to flooding in homes that have basements.

And Singleterry says that rainwater isn’t the only hazard. “In snowy areas of the northwest, clogged gutters fill with snow,” he says. “When it melts, ice dams are formed that can cause slush to build up so heavily that it can rip the gutters right off of a house.”

The bottom line is this: if your home’s gutters are prone to clogging, you either need to be vigilant about regularly cleaning them out, or you need to prevent them from becoming clogged in the first place.

Preventing clogs is where Leafless in Portland—the area’s exclusive seller of MasterShield gutter protection systems—comes in. MasterShield is a gutter guard system with built-in microfiltration, a technology that filters out leaves, pine needles, and even small debris particles that cause the worst clogs in gutters. Mastershield microfilters are the same type of mesh filters as those used in surgical, industrial and water filtration applications for decades. It’s a patented mesh microfiltration system made of durable high-quality aluminum and surgical-grade stainless steel that’s capable of blocking all debris of all sizes, even down to one-half the thickness of a human hair. Yet it is strong and flexible enough to allow rainwater to flow though unimpeded, washing leaves and debris over the tops of the gutters rather than into the downspouts.

“These MasterShield gutter guards are the best I’ve ever seen at keeping out pine needles, which are a major cause of clogging in the Northwest,” says Jim Singleterry, a 13-year veteran at protecting homeowners’ gutters. “And they’re self-cleaning, as debris is continually washed over the surface of the guards.”

The result is an effective, maintenance-free system that keeps gutters clean and clear. Not only can MasterShield gutter guards be installed on both new and existing gutters, they come with a 100% no-clog, money-back guarantee.

And while there have been some misconceptions that installing gutter guards may void a roof’s warranty, the makers of MasterShield gutter guards have secured letters from roofing material manufacturers explaining that the way these particular gutter guards are installed keeps a roofing warranty completely intact.

And right now, Leafless in Portland, the area’s exclusive MasterShield provider, is offering $400 off a home MasterShield system, or 50% off new gutters installed with MasterShield.

Find more information and schedule a free gutter inspection and estimate by calling 503-902-9374 or visiting www.LeaflessinPortland.com.