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Choosing the Right Gutter Guard

Choosing the Right Gutter Guard

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There are countless benefits to getting a gutter guard in Seattle, where there is so much rain that keeping your gutters clean of debris is a must. However, with the variety of options on the market, it could be hard to decide which one is best to fit your budget as well as ensure that your gutters will stay clean and your home stay protected from the damaging rain. Here are some tips for helping you find the best gutter guards.

The first question you may be faced with is whether you want to use a screen or a cover to guard your gutters. If you are looking for a cheap fix, especially if it’s just temporary, the cheaper option is to get a screen. However, these are not a durable option, so you always want to go with a cover for a permanent solution if it is within your budget to do so.

There are other types of gutter guards on the market that are less popular than screens or covers, and sometimes they may be a better solution for your gutters in Seattle. Brush and foam are the less popular types of gutter guards. These solutions have the convenience of being affordable and easy to install, however like the screens they are made from cheaper materials and are only great for a temporary fix. Foam will also trap seeds and plants inside the gutter, which defeats the purpose of getting a guard in the first place.

When it comes down to it, there are many options if you are looking for a quick, cheap and temporary solution to a gutter clog problem. For the longer term, however, it is worth the extra money to get a cover-type gutter guard due to the increased durability. Look into getting your guards covered with quality gutter guards today, before you have a problem.