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Testimonial Photo by P F.
I would like to recognize my sales representative, Jim, from Leafless in Seattle for his exceptional service on my project. He also helped out a coworker of mine during his consultation.
P F. of Monroe, WA
Tuesday, December 27th
Testimonial Photo by Adonis A.
These guys are awesome. I had them install the MasterShield Gutter System in 2013, and this last June, I noticed one of the valley filters was broken. I contacted them again to repair it, and Jim (the same guy that sold it to me 4 years ago) came knocking at my door to assess the situation. He remembered us and was equally as punctual, informative, professional and friendly as the very first day I met him. He saw that the Barnett Valley was broken and offered to have that valley repaired as well as update all of the others for free. It was booked for September 8th, and the guys showed up later in the day and worked into the dark to get them all fixed. Top notch service providers. Thank you!!
Adonis A. of Issaquah, WA
Wednesday, November 29th
Testimonial Photo by Homeowner
It was awhile after the project was completed before it rained. When it finally rained we realized there was something wrong. They were very prompt about fixing it once we told them.
Homeowner of Redmond, WA
Tuesday, December 27th
Testimonial Photo by Darryl H.
I'm not sure how to convince potential customers how fantastic your product is. No reasonable would believe. It sounds like sales hype. If testimonials from people like me would help, I would be willing.
Darryl H. of Woodinville, WA
Tuesday, December 27th
Testimonial Photo by Diana F.
Everything went great!  Of course, we won't know for a while how well the MasterShield gutter guards work as far as maintenance.  Hopefully, better than many of the competitors as MasterShield is pricey.  The entire process went smoothly and the workers caught that because of problems with previous gutter installation water had been collecting and was beginning to damage some fascia.  They installed some additional flashing and then came back out later, when the weather was dry enough, to trim back the shingles and glue them down.  The original install was 2/13/16, so at nearly 3 months later we are happy with the gutters.
Diana F. of Woodinville, WA
Sunday, April 9th
Testimonial Photo by Homeowner
Paul was absolutely wonderful in answering all my questions--and there were a LOT of them! By the time our installation was completed, he felt like an old friend. He was also responsive following the installation regarding some questions and issues.
Homeowner of Bothell, WA
Tuesday, December 27th
Testimonial Photo by Dee L.
Job completed successfully. Gutter covers work great. We have had several really hard rains since installation and the gutters catch all the water off the roof. We are very pleased.
Dee L. of Bonney Lake, WA
Sunday, April 9th
Testimonial Photo by Mark W.
Very professional and quick. Excellent clean up. The installers were polite and friendly, and dedicated to doing quality work. I appreciated that they informed me of some major roof issues, and the fact that the company delayed putting on the Mastershield portion till I could have the roof replaced.
Mark W. of Everett, WA
Sunday, April 9th
This company was top notch. They installed new gutters with Mastershield screens These guys did a great job, even doing some painting for me after the old gutter removal, but prior to the new ones being installed. And, they said "no problem free of charge". I gave them a well deserved tip and I regret that I didn't give them a bigger tip. And, it's been over a year since the new Mastershield screens and gutters were installed on the 2nd floor roof and dormers. The Mastershield screens have worked great keeping out all the pine needles, yet working very well in the hardest rain. I didn't want to walk on the roof for years and these new gutters with Mastershield screens means I don't have to clean those gutters again. I had new gutters with cheaper covers installed on the he lower roof to save money, since they can be accessed with a small ladder. But, they also have been doing a great job of keeping debris out of the gutters. Bottom line, I would happily hire them again.
Paul D. of Everett, WA
Sunday, April 9th
You two installers, Raoul and Bruno, were excellent.  They were very thorough, hard-working, and cleaned up the project very well.
Stan and Mary K. of Kent, WA
Thursday, August 10th
Testimonial Photo by Karen G.
The crew was here on Tuesday, and did a wonderful job.  Not only with the work they did, but also with the cleanup they did. Thanks so much for having a quality crew.
Karen G. of Bothell, WA
Friday, March 24th
Testimonial Photo by Brad W.
I love the Douglas firs that surround our new house, and after spending a few weekends cleaning gutters, I decided it was time to fix the problem.  I interviewed MasterShield as well as the other guys and got competitive estimates from both (although the MasterShield's number was actually a little lower).  I also saw samples from both, got explanations on how they work, and learned firsthand why the gutter shields I bought at Lowe's (as a test) just plain don't work.  Jim was very patient and knowledgeable in explaining the options, and even identified some flashing issues which needed fixing, as well.After a horrendously wet winter, I don't miss the clogged gutters one bit.  I was a little surprised at project completion to receive a telescoping brush to clean my self-cleaning gutters - and it's proven useful for the 3 or 4 times I've needed to remove needles which tend to collect below the valleys in two locations.  So it appears that I need to budget about 30 minutes a year to attend to a couple of trouble spots.  I'll take it!I highly recommend MasterShield, for the product, the workmanship, and the service.  When you decide to give up the gutter-cleaning ritual, you'll probably receive an estimate that's more than double your budget. (especially if you decide to replace rather than just cover your existing gutters.  They'll explain why the system works much better if the gutters are located to allow the covers to maintain or exceed the roof pitch.)  You can probably negotiate it a bit, but then do it anyway.  You won't regret it.
Brad W. of Brier, WA
Sunday, April 9th
Testimonial Photo by Clint S.
Thank you Joey for offering various solutions for the area of my home that has a flat roof! I'm loving my MasterShield and Leaf Relief 
Clint S. of Mukilteo, WA
Wednesday, March 28th
Testimonial Photo by Joe F.
Great job. The gutters almost exactly matched the new house trim. We had them come out before the house was painted and removed the old gutters. Then the painters fixed some woodwork that needed replacing, painted and got the house looking great. We had a timing issue because of weather that delayed the painting for several weeks, but finally it got finished and then Leafless came on out. They didn't have the right end caps and wanted to paint some generic ones on site, but understood when we didn't want to do that. Came out a couple of days later and voila, new gutters, reinforced some roofing edges and it looks and works great.
Joe F. of Federal Way, WA
Sunday, April 9th
Testimonial Photo by Kurt C.
I just wanted to let you know, your guys did a fantastic job! From redoing the rotten siding, to painting, to the redesigned gutter system if you guys ever need someone to rave about you just have them call me.
Kurt C. of Puyallup, WA
Thursday, July 27th
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