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MasterShield Ranked Top Gutter Guard in USA

As our company always knew was true, MasterShield has officially been rated as the top gutter protection system in the nation by the NCR.

Kent, WA - September 6, 2017

MGP’s Product Shows Reliability and Durability Over Competition in 2017 NCR Results

PATERSON, N. J. - MGP Manufacturing’s MasterShield Gutter Protection has taken the top spot in NC Review’s annual Gutter Protection Product Reviews for 2017.  This result reinforces what tens-of-thousands of homeowners already know: They have the best gutter guard available. 

NC Review has been testing gutter guards for over a decade, putting each system through a number of strenuous trials before releasing their propriety results. This year the testing also looked at sustained performance. This key area helped MasterShield receive top honors. NC Review’s website consistently ranks in the Google search top three when looking for gutter guard reviews.

From the website: “While MasterShield is not the least expensive gutter guard to put on your home, its value is at the top.  It’s like buying a car that comes with all of the bells and whistles included.  You will have a hard time finding a more durable gutter guard.”

“We are proud to be named NC Review’s 2017 Number One Gutter Guard.  MasterShield’s a premium product for homeowners who want to know the gutter guard they install on their home today will be working the same way years down the road,” said MGP Manufacturing President Karen Sager. 

“As a home improvement expert, I was immediately impressed with MasterShield.  I’m pleased that this superior product has been recognized by the top gutter reviewer in the country,” said Leafless in Seattle’s Jim Singleterry.

Each gutter cover is put through the same tests:  Debris Protection, Strength, Water Throughput and Durability.  They conduct this test six times, under the same conditions and take average of these results.  NC Review then reviews each products costs – including installation – as well as the installer’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau before developing a score for Value and Reputation.  MasterShield scored at the top in all categories. 

NC Review also recognized that MasterShield is the only gutter cover to have it’s under-the-shingle installation methodology reviewed by four major roof shingle manufacturers.  All suggest this process would not void a shingle warranty. 

Sager adds, “MasterShield’s installation process takes advantage of the roof’s pitch.  It can be installed on a steeper angle than any other gutter guard and take in all the rainwater.” 



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About MGP Manufacturing:  MGP Manufacturing is the global gutter guard industry leader.   Their 13 patents changed how the world protects gutters and gathers rainwater.  Working with Inventor Alex Higginbotham, MGP produces the superior stainless steel micromesh gutter guard, MasterShield®.   MGP is a woman owned business bringing jobs and manufacturing to Patterson, New Jersey, a state recognized urban enterprise zone.

About Leafless in Seattle: Leafless in Seattle began as a desire to do things right.  We wanted salesmen who were honest and took the customer's side.  We wanted installers who treated each home as if it was their own.  And we wanted a product that would genuinely solve people's problems and not require maintenance.  That last one was really hard to find.  We'd been working in gutters for several years, but no product really felt good enough.  Each one had deep flaws that required the homeowner to put in time or money above the cost of installation.  So when MasterShield came along, we were skeptical.  Other products had misled us before.  But we did our own tests, and we saw with our own eyes that MasterShield really does work.  We are proud to say that homeowners choose us when they want their work done right.

About NC Reviews: Established in 2007, NC Review has been a trusted source of unbiased consumer reviews.  The Raleigh, North Carolina-based communications and media company is focused on creating, aggregating and distributing information to a broad range of audiences. 


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