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Leafless in Seattle Case Studies: Cute cottage in the Lake Stevens area is hiding a dirty little secret!

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 by Angie Andersen


This adorable home looks innocent enough to the untrained eye...however, it is hiding a dirty, not so little secret!  Just under the original gutters was rot, and lots of it! The homeowners were seeing some of the damage on the underside of their roof overhang and knew they needed to do something quick before the rot took over their home. 


They called Leafless in Seattle for help and once the gutters were pulled off the extent of the damage was revealed, all the fascia board on the front of the home was rotten and needed to be replaced. The rot was caused from the gutters being full of debris and leaves, causing the water to cascade over the back of the gutters, instead of draining to the downspouts.   All rotten fascia was removed and replaced, new gutters and downspouts were installed with the MasterShield gutter protection system.  Now the customers can rest easy knowing that their home is now rot free and their gutters will be debris, leaf, and needle free forever! 

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