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3 Reasons to Use Gutter Guards

3 Reasons to Use Gutter Guards

Leafless gutter example

Spending your weekend lugging a ladder around your house and digging leaves out of your gutter system doesn’t exactly sound like fun, but if you want them to function the way they should, it is a necessary and unavoidable evil. Of course, if you wanted leafless gutters in Seattle, WA, you could always install gutter guards. Consider the benefits.

Gutter Guards Prevent Puddles

When you have traditional gutters, leaves and other debris can become lodged in the tops of them, causing clogs that water can’t move through or around. The result are puddles of water that could become so heavy that your gutter becomes loose.Even worse, the standing water could seep into your home. Mesh guards prevent leaves from ever entering your gutter system, leaving a clear pathway for rainwater to drain as it should.

You Can Use Gutter Guards to Prevent IciclesFrom Forming

Icicles are another dangerous situation for your gutters, causing them to become too heavy, loosen and eventually fall off. Luckily, you can purchase heated mesh to create your leafless gutters in Seattle, WA, which prevents the icicles from ever forming. No longer would you need to worry about being bonked in the head by a falling icicle as you leave your home!

Gutter Guards Can Be Flexible

Depending on the type of material you choose for your gutter guards, they could provide flexibility. This is especially helpful if your home is near trees that often lose twigs or small branches in storms. The flexibility will usually help them to bounce off rather than do damage or become lodged in your gutter.

Leafless gutters in Seattle, WA don’t have to be something of your dreams. If you would like to spend more of your weekend enjoying the weather and less of it removing the results of weather, gutter guards could be just what you need.