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Port Orchard Leaf Guard for pine needles

Living in a forest? MasterShield will make life much easier by keeping all those leaves and needles out of your gutters

Unseen Water Damage Strikes Again in Enumclaw, WA

This homeowner was very unpleasantly surprised when our salesman informed him of the amount of rot that his clogging gutters had caused. The gutters were back flowing, so the water in the gutters—instead of simply flowing through the gutters as designed—was flowing into the fascia and roof.  The water damage was even so bad in some areas that the roof itself was beginning to warp.  The home is in the middle of a forest and is surrounded on all sides by trees, so the gutters had been clogging with fir needles and leaves for some time.  The homeowner had even climbed up on a ladder several times to clean them out himself, but it just wasn’t enough.  Also, as you can see from the “Before” picture, one of the downspouts on the second story was left unconnected, so water was just constantly flowing across roof and causing even more rot.

We removed the old, damaged gutters and replaced them with new gutters and downspouts in black and eggshell.  In the “After” picture, you can also see where we attached that troublesome second-story downspout to the gutter below it to prevent even more water damage.  We used a black downspout to match the roof, so it would blend in.  Additionally, to ensure that this home would never be further damaged by its gutter system, we installed black and eggshell MasterShield gutter covers.  Our team also treated the roof with an anti fungal agent to prevent more moss growth and water damage in order to extend life of the roof.  

Leafless Gutters for Fir Needles in Ravensdale, WA

Practically the week after this couple moved into their new home, their gutters were already completely clogged with fir needles.  Because it was such a new home, we just cleaned their gutters, instead of installing our own new seamless gutters, and installed black MasterShield on them.  

Delaminating Roof Sheathing from Gutters in Arlington, WA

When gutters plug and flow back under the roof, rot occurs. Luckily, we were able to repair this before it spread too far.

MasterShield Gutter Guard Installation in Issaquah, WA

LeafGuard works well enough for leaves, but if you've got fir needles clogging your gutters you really need a gutter solution like MasterShield, because it's the only one that will really handle everything.

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