MasterShield | Leaf Filter Gig Harbor, WA | Leafless in Seattle

Introducing The World's Only
Perfect Gutter Protection System.

Master Shield Beats All Other Gutter Protection Systems—
Hands Down... It's Not Even Close.

We know what you're thinking… how can we possibly claim that we have the world's only "perfect" gutter protection system. Honestly, you have the right to be skeptical. After all, there are hundreds of different gutter protection systems on the market… and they all claim to be the best.

So what exactly makes MasterShield® so different and so much better?

Simple, we're the only gutter protection company in Seattle, Oregon, or anywhere else for that matter, that actually puts its money where its mouth is. You see, while other gutter protection companies only promise to come back and "clean" your gutter if their system doesn't work, we're the only company that promises:

100% of your money back if our system ever fails…PERIOD.

MasterShield® works where other gutter guard systems fail.

Bottom Line: No other gutter guard on the market today can stand up to the Northwest like MasterShield. Don't trust your home—or your wallet—to anything else. Call Leafless In Seattle today.